Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have Digimaster3 token version, and can I buy tokens from you?
A: Yes, of course. The token version will charge you for each use. The token version(including 980 tokens) is $1,299 USD. Please contact us if you want to buy Digimaster3 token version or just tokens. You can order tokens by clicking this link.

Q: Can you help me buy auto diagnostic tools and key programmers?
A: Yes, you can buy from our partner Auto-Tool-Shop. The best-selling universal diagnostic tools like Autoboss V30 and MaxiDas DS708, and professional tools like BMW ICOM A2, SD Connect C4.

Q: I am from Africa. How can I order Digimaster3 from your company?
A: The customers from North American and European countries can order online and checkout by Paypal directly. Our company also accepts T/T and Western Union. Simply use our contact form to send an inquiry and I will write back the order instruction.

Q: I ordered unlimited Digimaster3 but there are only 0 token/ 200 tokens in it. Will I spend a lot of money to use and subscribe?
A: The unlimited version will let you use all authorized function without tokens and it is free to upgrade. On July 30, 2013 there are 549 modules, over 5,000 car models are open for the unlimited version. A few new advanced OBD functions will cost tokens to use. Three months after the first release most of the advanced OBD function will be free to the unlimited version Digimaster3. Now you will get 200 free tokens after activation.

Q: I bought from other websites. Can I get tech support from you? Some vehicles are not in the device. Can you help me to correct the odometer?
A: We MAY provide some general support even you did not buy from our website. You need contact your seller at your first choice. A right seller is a very important bridge between customers and our R&D engineers. Some un-listed vehicles are still possible to correct. You will read out the data and let our engineer correct the mileage.

Q: Digiprog3 vs Digimaster3, which one is better?
A: We do not recommend Digiprog3; it cannot update and no tech support. We give Digiprog3 free one year ago to let our customers compare by themselves. Now we significantly lower the price of Digimaster3 and we no longer provide free Digiprog3 anymore.

Q: Is there any warranty? And how about your return policy?
A: 12 months warranty. Life long free technical support via Teamviewer or E-mail. For more info please click here.