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We are the manufacture and we are the exclusive legal distributor. Nanning Yanhua Electronics Co.,Ltd., established in 1999, is a high tech enterprise which is approved by Guangxi Science Commission and belongs to Nanning High tech Zone. Based on the tenet of “Scientific and Technological Innovation, Better Service” and followed the world’s automotive advanced technology, Yanhua Tech specializes in R&D, manufacture and distributor of automotive electronic & testing products. Our products have already covered with the whole country at home, and also exported to other countries and regions, such as European countries, Middle East as well as South East Asia.

We have more than 150 staff now, and the R & D personnel accounted for 40% of the company’s human resources, and we set up 11 departments, as hardware development dept, software development dept, International business dept, domestic business dept, human resources dept, administrative dept, financial dept, purchasing dept, production dept, network dept, technical service dept.

We hope to show you what we have gained in production, company operation and after sales service in the past 10 years. But the honor of today is just the starting point to span tomorrow. We believe that we will get greater achievement under your strong support and our hard work. At the same time, thank you again for your support in the past years.

In 2008, “Top 10 of China Auto Maintenance Equipment Enterprise”.In 2007, “Top 10 of China Auto Maintenance Equipment Manufacturer”.
In 2006, DigiMaster won the title of “2006 Top10 of China Auto Maintenance Equipment”.
In 2006, Digimaster II “Top Twenty of China Automotive Service Set”.
In 2005, Computer reset airbag device won “Top Twenty of China Automotive Service Set”.

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